Foxtrot - The Bottom Line EP

by Foxtrot

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released March 1, 2011

Josh Newman - Vocals, Guitar
Tyler Worth - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Williams - Bass, Vocals
Dane Kasih - Drums

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Jacob Munnery
All Tracks Written & Performed by Foxtrot

Released March 2011

Jackknife #5



all rights reserved


Jackknife Music North Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Westbound & Down
Well I heard if you head west
There's miles of open oad
Until you hit the edge
Of this land we call home
And if you eve make it
Be sure to give me a call
I'd love to hear what it's like

I don't have the guts to go myself
But if you ty I bet you can find
Why this place, well it beats on us
And maybe that's why we failed
Well it's time to wake up
And Smell the smoke
There's bridges buning
I'm not saying it's your fault
Sometimes bridges burn themselves

The things that you could never be
Will always come back to haunt you
In this almost silence
There's the sound of electricity
Powering light blubs
The rustling of the leaves in the breeze
And the occasional water drop

This is the sound of our sweet nothing
But we can drown it out
With the lighting of matches
We'll bun this fucking house down
And we won't look past what's left
The Wreckage it represents
Bridges burn themselves

Head West, I Hear its the best
Track Name: Garters
Bite your tongue
and bide yourself some time
Lie through you teeth
If it gets you through tonight
Stand you ground
And stand up for yourself
Right your wrongs
or write a passage
Be a passenger
And keep on passing by
Start a riot
Or start a fucking war with me

Stick with what you know
Don't be crossing those busy roads
Just let the good times flood the bad times
And we'll drown in these tiny holes

Turn the tables
And tally up the scores
Split the loot
And spare some for the poor
Remind yourself
There's no one else to sort it out
Looking forward
To Finally looking back
Keeping warm
In the glow of what you left
So tell you story
But tell it as though I fled the scene
Track Name: The Point
Well okay, this is not fun anymore
I'm drowning in obsession
This room is getting real small real fast
This obsession is tearing me apart

And If you dig deep enough
You'll find I'll turn to dust
We'll I'm not afraid of what I am
But I am afraid of what I'm not

That Circles on me
You know the vicious one?
I Know there's a point to this
All I can do is hope that tomorrow reminds me what it is
Track Name: The Bottom Line
Well doctor, doctor can you tell me why my chest is tight?
And doctor, doctor can you tell me why I can't sleep at night?
Is it because the bottom line is coming for me?

Well as the lines become bigger and begin to blu
The people who we are become the people that we were
And you can't just turn it off and on
It's not fair to just turn it off and on
You know you shouldn't be toying with people

And yeah I question your reasons
It sounds like your bored with life, you need a holiday
Do I look like a tourist guide?
Well I'm not a fucking tourist guide
Like you said it's dead and gone

The Bottom line is coming
It's coming from me, straight to you
You know you shouldn't be toying with people