The Smith Street Band - South East Facing Wall 7"

by The Smith Street Band

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released January 27, 2011

Recorded & mixed by Fitzy Fitzgerald at The Arthouse Studio, Melbourne. Mastered by Jacob Munnery.

All lyrics written by Wil Wagner. All music written & performed by The Smith Street Band. Additional keys by Fitzy Fitzgerald.

Design & layout by Chris Cowburn.

The Smith Street Band is:
Wil Wagner —Vocals, guitar & keys
Tom Lawson —Guitar & vocals
Lee Hartney—Guitar
Jimi O’Loughlin —Bass
Chris Cowburn —Drums & vocals

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Track Name: South East Facing Wall
Speak of the handsome devil, oh when will I wear you like and hand in a glove?
You smother me, smother me, smother me in Morrissey like all the pretty ones have done before,
And writing songs for you in the backyard of another house show,
When all I wanna do is sleep and all my friends wanna do is see me fall,
Watching music television with the sound down,
It's technicolor rainbows and I think it's kicking in now,
And there's more confidential information on mainstream radio stations

Someone famous just got caught,
Someone famous just got a divorce

So I walk into my front door and I'm going in swinging,
I'm going down drinking like I swore that I wouldn't,
And I'll come in singing and I'll walk out screaming,
Because no one gives a fuck anymore, yeah no one cares about this but you

And I need a break from the city again,
So I'll play in backwater pubs in no-name towns, pass out in your garden shed,
And last night I slept in the country estate of a pretty girl's parents' in a single bed with my best friend,
And I woke up to air so clean and so fresh that I didn't dare light a cigarette,
As much as I love being near you,
My favourite thing to do is to leave

If you drive me home,
I would've sat with you by the fire until my eyes closed

I'd be happy if American Spirit was nothing more than a brand of cigarettes,
And there are no more metaphors, this hunger feels like hunger,
A greedy, filthy need from the very pit of me,
And am I the only one holding on by skin of my teeth,
But I don't eat meat, so I haven't got very strong teeth

By the skin of my teeth, by the skin of my teeth,
By the holes in the floor, the water that drips in through the cracks in the ceiling,
By the mice in the walls, from the fingernail gash in the doorframe,
From the blackened handprints on the south east facing wall

Where I sit and I watch the heavy rain fall,
Yeah I sit and I watch Smith Street drown
Track Name: Fuck Me & Call Me Jim Lawrie
Ever since her father died, she said she wouldn't give it up until she was married,
Even when her conscience and her conscience went swimming, she would keep her dignity,
We used to take sleeping pills together and watch Nightmare on Elm Street naked on my best friends living room floor,
And ever since she claimed she tried to die when she was five, continuing that lie has been a reason to stay alive,
So don't call me if all you're gonna do is bring me crashing and burning back through your window,
Just walk me through the notes, let me pass out when I pass out and when I say stop I really, really, really fucking mean it,
We swim about inside each other, we never loved we were just lovers, and I used to steal smack from your brother,
So I write this on the back of my face, in the pub where I live, but they don't know my name,
And if I'm fighting with anyone Jess I'm glad that it's you, because you sing my songs with more passion than I do,
So fuck me and call me your big, grizzly bear, we'll make love in the night and we both won't be there,
But your plane lands at midnight, I'll be home, safe and sound, but as soon as I'm sober I'll come round…